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One of the important factors for the growth of our company is its workforce who contribute day by day their talent and personal value and our commitment is to establish the bases for the optimal professional and personal development of all our employees to obtain innovation, competitiveness and growth of our company.

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Complaint Address

Through this complaint address, the Extrusiones Metálicas Europea SL Group provides a communication channel with its governing bodies that serves as an instrument to report any irregularity or conduct contrary to the law, to the principles contained in the Ethical Code of Extrusions Metálicas Europea SL, or any conduct that may give rise to the commission of any type of crime.

The complainant may use the address of complaints to, with the appropriate data and in a clear, argued and related manner, inform the government bodies of the complaint they wish to report.

The complainant will send his complaint with the data that proceed and, if he wishes, he will be able to identify himself with his name and surname, as well as indicate a postal and email address to be able to keep him informed of the processing and resolution of the complaint, keeping clear that Your data will always be treated in accordance with current data protection regulations.

If, on the contrary, the complainant prefers to carry out the complaint in another way, he may make the complaints by sending a letter addressed to Extrusiones Metálicas Europea SL, with address C / Parque de las Marismas de Santoña, 20 Pol. Industrial Jalón (Ctra. Segovia, Exit No. 6), 47013, Valladolid, Spain.

In order to be processed, the complaints must contain a list of facts and arguments and, where appropriate, evidence to support the complaint, so that it is possible to demonstrate the truthfulness of the complaint.

The denunciations will be transferred, as the case may be, to the person in charge of processing, instructing and investigating the denunciation, and adopting the corresponding measures.

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C/ Parque de las Marismas de Santoña

20 Pol. Industrial Jalón (Ctra. Segovia, Salida No. 6) 47013

Valladolid, España

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