Know the services that Extrusiones Metálicas Europea S.L. can provide

Counselling and training

Here at Extrusiones Metálicas Europea through our technical specialists we help our clients by sharing the concepts and best practices in the training courses and personalized advice in projects related to architectural developments.

We focus our training courses) to provide all information about Linea Española, where we offer our clients the operation of the Series that integrate it, as well as installation and maintenance for the success of their projects.

Commercialization and distribution

Extrusiones Metálicas Europea S.L. is a reference of innovation and quality, it shows our extended catalog of products that we commercialize through our factories located in the center and southeast of Mexico and warehouses in strategic cities of the country. The extensive network of distributors that, together with the transportations and delivery of our products where the customer requires it, offering a personalized attention to each order.

Export Department

Our vision is to satisfy our customers in the aluminum profile industry and we have extended this vision out of our frontiers; USA, Central America, South America, the Caribbean and Europe.

For the exportation market we have a qualified personnel in commercial and logistic services, which provides assistance to the customer accompanying it throughout all the process and suggesting the best options to bring the product to the destination indicated with the specifications needed.

We offer therefore a personalized and reliable attention for any client no matter where in the world where it is.

Engineering and Profile Industrialization

We are always faithful to our clients in manufactured high quality, innovative and functional products, trough:

Technical office: provide assistance in the profile industrialization from extrusion to surface process and fabrication.

Technical department: Our experts are in charge of developed new architectural systems and assist our customers in construction works.

Counselling and assistance to:

  • Architectural office and engineers for construction specifications.
  • Manufacturers and installers.
  • Assembling windows, doors and facades of the commercial systems and others.
  • Aluminum alloy suggestions according to industrial profiles applications.

Develop of:

  • Architectural profile systems of specific projects
  • Industrial or specific profiles
  • Pre-engineering of projects
  • Calculation of proyects datasheet
  • Hi Rise and commercial systems specifications
  • Profile systems and hardware of Linea Española