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Extrusiones Metálicas has the complete process to produce aluminum profiles, such as: Extrusion, Powder Coating, Coating, Decorating, Fabrication, Thermal Break and Packaging. The technological and productive capacity with its production centers, allow us to offer high quality products that accomplish the requirements requested by the customers.

The concept of integrated factories combined with its experience over than 35 years in the industry allows Extrusiones Metalicas to be a reliable partner to make possible all projects in the architectural and industrial sector.



In Extrusiones Metálicas Europea we put at your disposal 3 extrusion presses in our production center in Valladolid.

We have the capacity to manufacture diameters from 7 "(178 mm) to 10" (254 mm) in presses from 2,400 Ton to 3,500 Ton.

Maximum Diameter of extruded profiles

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Powder Coating

Our Powder Coating process is guaranteed by the highest quality seals in European and American industries, which ensures the application in each of our coating profiles. Extrusiones Metalicas is a pioneer in the process of coating in Mexico with the latest technology based on powder with electrostatic application. We have vertical, horizontal and carousel coating production lines, all certified by QUALICOAT SEASIDE and AAMA 2605 who recognize us and guarantee our process.

Powder coating aluminum profiles is one of the surface treatments that protect it from natural corrosion and also allows to obtain an infinite variety of colors which we satisfice the needs of our customers.

In architectural projects it is essential to have colors that help us create harmonious environments. It is why Extrusiones Metalicas offers an extensive range of colors such as classic finishes, with bright or matte, as well as special coating such as textured, imitation wood (Pine, Chocolate, cherry, walnut, ...) or metallized or forged ones.

The process of coating in Extrusiones Metalicas is endorsed by QUALICOAT, one of the highest certifiers in terms of European quality and AAMA the standard in USA.


At Extrusiones Metalicas we can realize any color without limiting your creativity! Find RAL colors on RAL COLORS

Own Colors
Standard Colors
Metallic RAL colors

IMPORTANT: These colors are orientative and may present some difference due to the chromatic variations of screen calibration.




Extrusiones Metalicas is synonymous of innovation, this placed us in the Decoration market as the most experienced company in Mexico, being the first to introduce this process. All our decoration centers work under the European standard QUALIDECO, which guarantees the highest quality, always providing our customers with the best finishes in the market.


Our large finishes are highlighted by this more versatile folding series on the market, which allows us to manufacture any type of window or door, even with curved frames, leaves and beams and the adaptation of the reticle, providing the best aesthetics and functionality, adapting to the greater demands of the client

IMPORTANT: These colors are orientative and may present some difference due to the chromatic variations of screen calibration.




Extrusiones Metálicas offers valuable integral solutions for aluminum, such as cut to length, machining, routing and punching tool. We guarantee quality and service to satisfy our customers.

We have CNC Machining Centers, CNC Saws and Double Headed, as well as Die Presses and Multiple Drills.




What is Thermal Break Insulation (TB)

It is turning a window into a thermally efficient tool to improve well-being in homes, buildings and save on energy costs.

It is to reduce the thermal transmission, inserting profiles of polyamide profile (thermal strut) dividing the aluminum profile.

This allows innovative designs by combining different colors and finishes for the interior and exterior.




Extrusiones Metalicas is concerned about that our customers receive their products in optimal conditions, for this we have specialized machinery and we design the packaging according to the needs of each product in order that they arrive on time at the place of destination indicated guaranteeing the highest quality in its compaction.